The Wicked Lady Show

Heavy music… Doom, Sludge, Stoner, Drone, Psychedelic, Crust, Black…, even some Blues and Folk… or whatever.

The Wicked Lady Show 178

September 7th, 2019



  1. High Fighter - Kozel
  2. Cruickshank - Clean
  3. Thronehammer - Thronehammer
  4. The Black Wizards - Outlaws
  5. Cold Brats - Broken Birds
  6. Forever Autumn - Tir Na Nog
  7. Helevorn - La Sibil-La
  8. Moab -Fend For Dawn
  9. Redscale - Phoenix
  10. Wills Dissolve - So Do Not Mistake These Ashes
  11. Wasted Theory - Bongronaut
  12. Mattimatti - Cirkel
  13. Downfall of Gaia - The Grotesque Illusion of Being
  14. Age of the Wolf - Witches' Gallows
  15. Age of the Wolf - Molten Earth
  16. Hope Drone - In Floods & Depths
  17. Witchgöat - Eyes of the Profane
  18. Wayne Hussey (The Mission) - Met-Amor-Phosis

Thanks to All Noir, Dewar PR, Hypnotic Dirge Records, Mettle Media PR and Shameless Promotion PR.

Please find the dates for Wayne Hussey's European tour here, and those for Downfall of Gaia there.

The intro, outro and background music is from the song Wicked Lady by the band Wicked Lady.

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